Mixcut Vs Competition

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A File Is Just A Link You Share

Mixcut solves file management by getting rid of it completely. Now there’s no chance for data to be corrupted, require backups, or require manual updates.

All these fine details are stored within the Mixcut project and accessed via a simple URL.

RealTime Team Collaboration

Wherever your teammates and stakeholders are located, Mixcut grants them access to everything they need to bring a video project to completion together.

With everyone able to go hands-on at a moment’s notice, your organization can shorten the production cycle and generate better content at the same time.

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Timeline Editing, Like The Pro’s

All the linear editing capabilities you know and love from other editing suites are here too. Mixcut just moves them online into a realtime multiplayer context. It’s just as simple to slice footage like you used to, but now stakeholders can see it happen and offer their instant feedback.

A Single Source Of Truth

Now there are no questions about whether or not you’re looking at the latest version or render of a project. Mixcut brings all team members within a highly unified interface that reflects the dead-latest changes and updates to any video project.

This ends confusion over where any missing files might be — they’re either added to the project or not.

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Questions? We Got You

How much storage do I get?

With the free plan, you get 5 GB. The pro plan comes with 20 GB. And the enterprise plan offers unlimited storage.

What video codecs am I able to upload?

Mixcut supports MP4/MP3 files right now. Coming soon we will support all standard audio/video formats.

Am I able to invite clients?

Absolutely. Clients can be granted permission to view, edit, or comment on the project as it’s in progress.

Where are my files stored?

All your data lives on our cloud. To be precise, your files are stored on hard drives in a data center.

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