To our creators

In May, I was catching up with a friend that runs a video editing company for Youtubers. She told me her teams "collaboration" consisted of passing around Adobe Premiere files. Many times it was too difficult to communicate edits that needed to be made, so she did them herself. I thought this was crazy, it's 2019! With tools we love like Figma, Airtable, and Google Docs, why is video so far behind?

I thought about it some more and realized I too encountered times where I wanted a simpler video editor to use. Adobe Premiere and Final Cut were designed for editing Movies and TV Shows. Today, many of us are working with short internet videos, podcasts, and social media content. But there isn't a great audio & video editor for this purpose.

Mixcut has a few key principles:

Cloud based, letting you use powerful servers that can convert videos extremely fast, from a laptop.

Collaborative, no files, no backups, so you can share and work with friends and colleagues easily.

Simple and easy to use so you don't need to google so many tutorials.

Fast and in the browser, always up to date and ready.

Although no where near being done, we are now accepting private beta invites, so we can get user feedback. Thank you for your incredible support.

Gaurav Khanna